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Capital Investment Strategy

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Sabre Direct to Consumer (SDC) portfolio businesses represent business that have significant growth and are market leaders. All channels are used to reach the consumer: television; radio; print; internet; and mobile. SDC’s resources and expertise in all channels assist to maximize portfolio company potential while optimizing the most profitable channel of distribution. SDC portfolio companies have operated and continue to operate in numerous industries including, mass market, equipment, vitamins & supplements to name a few.


Sabre Real Estate invests in selective real estate development projects. SRE focuses on real estate projects that can be supported by identifying favorable demographic and social trends, in geographic areas that are growing at an above average rate. The Principals believe that by defining strategy on these two principles, the opportunities in select markets become obvious and the risks are minimized. SRE is not limited in the “type” of real estate project, but rather the opportunity of the project.

Representative Portfolio Company:
University Parke Suites – Student housing complex located in Big Rapids, MI providing a luxury student housing alternative to the students of Ferris State University. The development is currently comprised of 468 leasable units and a full amenity clubhouse. SRE purchased the land, designed the apartments, managed the construction of the complex and continues to operate and manage University Parke Suites, which represents the premier student housing option for Ferris State University students.

SRE prefers to develop, own and operate the projects which we become involved with. We believe that we can add value to the development by leveraging our expertise, and not outsourcing the general contracting and property management functions as most real estate development firms do. SRE manages the portfolio companies closely in order to maximize Net Operating Income and cash flow.


Brain Research Labs (BRL) – Sabre assisted in the formation of BRL in 2007 investing capital, planning and analysis, strategic planning and advisory services. BRL grew rapidly over the following five years achieving significant sales growth in direct-to-consumer television, radio, internet and print through a comprehensive marketing strategy which resulted in the ultimate successful entry into retail. BRL developed and marketed a cognitive health supplement which ultimately was the market leader in the product category. The business was sold in late 2012 with a successful exit producing a 300% IRR.


Sabre Capital Investments (SCI) provides capital solutions to select companies in which Sabre does not have a controlling interest. SCI has provided optimal capital structures by refinancing existing business with more appropriate capital structures, venture capital for new business formation and capital to grow and reposition businesses with high growth potential. SCI internal resources and long standing relationships with some of the largest global financial institutions provides flexibility and access to innovate financial solutions to create optimal capital structures.


ATSI was started in 2003 by the Sabre Group and key operating partners. Research showed an unfilled need in the disposition of leased equipment for large financial institutions. ATSI created a joint venture with several large financial lessors, like Wells Fargo Equipment Financing, to manage end of lease disposition for material handling and other equipment. ATSI formed a wholistic approach for the financial institutions including, inspections, repair, billing, sale and releasing which solved the institutions problem due to the economic downturn faced the receipt of off lease equipment without related execution of new leases. The business started in the US but ultimately expanded to Mexico and Asia. Sabre successfully exited this investment in 2010 which produced an IRR of 160%


Sabre Advisory Services (SAS), provides acquisition and divestiture advisory services in the retail and consumer products industries for the largest private equity firms, including numerous acquisition targets for The Blackstone Group, among other private equity firms.

Representative Engagement:
The Blackstone Group engaged SAS in the $6 billion acquisition of Michaels Stores. Since Blackstone closed this acquisition, Michaels Stores has achieved significant operating margin expansion and growth consistent with the due diligence business plan which SAS was instrumental in assisting with.

Sabre Advisory Services leverages the The Sabre Group Principals expertise in leading and operating Fortune 100 companies, large restructurings, business formation and joint venture development. This expertise, coupled with The Sabre Group’s planning and analysis team is critical to all SAS clients.